Zone 2. Zone 3. Philadelphus coronarius                     Sweet Mockorange Bark is flaky on old plants. 2.25" pot 4.00 Viburnum Zone 2       6-12"   4.00, Abies concolor  WUSA                            _Coyote Willow (Salix exigua) _Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata) Zone 3 RC 4.00 Medium height coarse branched tree with very large leaves. An arching shrub to 6' with white forsythia-like flowers in early spring with sweet fragrance. Betula lenta E  Katsura-tree A very hardy species with dense olive green foliage. Leucothoe recurva E. USA Mountain Leucothoe Salix alba chermesina                             Creamy white flowers and white fruit. Similar to V. angustifolium, usually in some shade. Prefers sandy soil or rocky ground and much sun. Native                                        Zone 2. Hypericum prolificum E USA                    Shrubby St. Johnswort Semi-evergreen colonial shrub of sand dunes and seaside areas. _Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) RC 4.00 Fall Native                              Ninebark _Hakuro Nishiki (Salix integra "Alba Maculata") Needs acid soil and seems to do best in leaf mold. Zone 5. Quercus lyrata E Long, .5" diameter beans add a tan accent all winter, clusters Golden green in winter. Tall arching shrub with racemes of clove scented yellow flowers, very showy. Old trees have cinnamon red bark and 3-4" pods all winter. Foresteira ligustrina C USA                     Lime Barren Privet Mature Height: 100 ft. Will cover fences quickly In sun or shade. _River Birch (Betula nigra) Medium size Maple with a dense branching habit, leaves smaller than A. truncatum. Zone Granted... there will be Some rebloom  Lacebark Elm Winter bark an interesting yellow tan. Slightly smaller growing shrub with much more fruit produced. Rhododendron atlanticum E USA Dwarf Azalea Yellow fall color. SWC 3.00 18" 4.00 Tolerates medium shade and flowers in mid-May here, bearing blue fruit in July. Coyote Willow Oak (true Eastern US type) Salix sericea Native                                           Zone 4 RC 4.00, Tsuga Canadensis  Native                   Canadian Hemlock. 2.5” pot 4.00 June _European White Birch (Betula pendula) 12-18" 4.00 sold out Tall colonial shrub, white flower in July, bright red fall color. One of the sterile types originally found in the wild with 4" wide flower heads on sturdy erect stems which do not topple in rain and wind. Zone 4.         pots   4.00  June 2020 Tree form Lilac with green satin leaves, large white flower trusses in June. Livestake .75    2.25” pot 3.50 Paxistima canbyi E Zone 5. Picea glauca densata W In our southern bogs it is often the only shrub and forms great masses. Zone 5 3-6” 4.00, Fothergilla gardenii E USA                      Small Fothergilla 18"   4" 3.00 6-12" 4.00 Deciduous shrubs with bright pink flowers and some fragrance. Quercus ellipsoidalis Native                         Hill's Sumac Wide spreading tree in an open setting.  American Elm Fall color rusty to good red. Large climax forest tree with edible nuts in small bristly burs, lustrous green leaves in summer and copper fall color. Some even grow as far south as Indonesia. Cornus mas 'Golden Glory' Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Native                           Betula nigra A fine textured, regularly branched tree with sweeping branches. RC 4.00 Fall, A dense bright green conical shape evergreen with great winter wind hardiness. Prunus pumila susquehana Native                     Dwarf Sandcherry 6” 3.00 12-18"  4.50 Spring 2020 Zone 3. Grows well in shade. 6-12" 4.00 USA                                     Amelanchier x grandiflora Native                    Apple Serviceberry Eastern White Pine Zone 5  2.25" pot 4.00 to 18". Amelanchier canadensis E USA                            covered with 2" inflated bladders in fall and winter. _Laurel Oak (Quercus laurifolia) Zone 5. Zone 5b Plugs 4.00   fall 2020, Castanea pumila ashei  S USA       Ashe Chinkapin, More robust grower with larger nuts. Sweetgale 4'. Zone 5    Zone 3. USA                               Black Hills Small tree species with lustrous deep green leaves, small pale yellow flowers before the leaves in early spring. Native                                 One of the best for winter color, a wide pyramid. Betula Zone 4. Zone 5           Glossy deep green with maroon and red fall color. Amelanchier stolonifera Native                           1 in 2 years here. Zone 2. 2'. Alnus crispa Small yellow flowers before the leaves in early spring before much Magnolia a. cordata SE Fragrant white to pink flowers in early May here. 2021 All sales subject to our crop supply at shipping time. Ilex v. 'Winter Red'                        Winter Red Winterberry Vigorous vine, lustrous green foliage, male plants have white/pink overpainting, edible yellow fruit. A medium sized tree with a coarse texture and creamy white flowers in early summer. 2021, Actinidia kolomikta             'Arctic Beauty', Male form with colorful pink leaf tips. Hypericum frondosum E USA                    Golden St. Johnswort Large yet fine textured shrub that mounds upon itself to about 6-8'. Viburnum l. 'Mohican' SWC 4.00, Weigela 'Pink Princess' 6-12” 4.00 Grows on most soils except very high pH. 3'. Zone 1. Campsis radicans E Native Snowberry Fire red fall color. Quercus coccinea E USA                         Scarlet _Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) Zone 3. pots  4.00 June Good flower display about _Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta) parvifolia                                   Zone 4. 2-3' with large blue green leaves and large white flat flower clusters. North China Pine Large pyramidal tree becomes round topped when old. Flowers are tiny pink white bells. Zone 4           2.5" pots    4.00  June 2020 6-12" 4.00 Ready in June 2020 8'. 3'. Zone 4. Colorful medium shrub with fragrant pink white flowers, dull to deep green leaves and yellow red fall color. Hickory Fine texture in branching and foliage. Fair yellow red fall color. 6-12"   4.00 Wreath  Peking Lilac Clear yellow fall color. Zone 3. Fall coloryellow or red. 20'.  Pecan _Red Maple (Acer rubrum) _Sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum) Dark tan winter seed capsules and cinnamon peeling bark. Zone 1. _Emerald Green Arbor Vitae (Thuja occidentalis "Emerald Green") Medium sized narrow upright tree with lustrous dark green leaves, flowers in large terminal Pots  5.00 Branching often, with a Dwarf dense Lilac with shiny deep green leaves. 12" 4.00 plugs  4.00 Ready in fall 2020 Viburnum Good naturalizing shrub in wet meadows. Small flat pods in winter. Euonymus obovatus E USA                Running Strawberry Euonymus Cliffgreen Willow Tall Red Oak type with deeply cut leaves and scarlet fall color. Large rather open shrub, densely white wooly leaves into early summer. _Forsythia - Lynnwood Gold (Forsythia intermedia "Lynnwood") Yellow fall color. In the past, Guilford County's Treasure Tree Program recognized the largest, rarest, oldest, and otherwise important tree species. Zone 3. Smaller stature trees. Pick-up from our nursery location must be arranged one week in advance. Strong growing vine with compound , lacy foliage which turns shades of orange and burgundy in the fall. Sweet Birch tops. 6-8'. Aesculus octandra E USA                   Yellow Buckeye Lonicera canadensis   Native                         _Mondell Pine (Pinus eldarica "Mondell") Black furrowed bark. Betula glandulifera Native                      Bog Birch Summersweet Nyssa sylvatica E USA                       Black Tupelo Hardy, -35F, small tree, flaking cinnamon/gray bark, red fall color. _American Sycamore (Plantanus occidentalis) Catalpa Appalachian species with maple-like leaves, also thornless stems growing to 6’ tall. _Paw Paw (Asimina triloba) followed by enormous flat clusters of BB-sized orange red berries. One great feature is White-tailed deer do not browse these. Kalmia angustifolia E USA                          Sheep _Rocky Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum) Acid soils and shade in our climate to avoid winter burning. RC  4.00 June 2020, Thuja occidentalis Native                       Eastern White  Kobus Magnolia Fast growing tall tree with typical evergreen shape. Green foliage with a hint of gray, very aromatic when crushed. Zone 4. 2.25" pot 4.00, Myrica heterophylla  East Coast USA      Cedar Bayberry, Similar to Northern Bayberry with darker green leaves and nearly black waxy berries. Zone 4. summer, blue black fruit in July, and purple with yellow fall color. underside. Sprawling vine in cool moist soils. 4-5'   5.00, Populus grandidentata  Nat                      Bigtooth Aspen. Castanea pumila E Zone 5 Plugs 4.00 4-7'. _Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Thuja occidentalis 'Wareana Lutescens' Rubus hispidus Bright red fall color,6' Catalpa White flowers in early May, later producing 1-2" yellow red plums. 6-12” 4.00 June 4. Much like V. carlesii with only slightly less fragrant flowers. ********CATALOG SYMBOLS KEY******** Smooth gray bark and long panicles of small pods through the winter. Orange-bark Willow This type subject to toppling in the wind if grown in an open site. 45'. Zone 4. Jetbead Hybrid of S. meyeri x S. microphylla x S. patula grows to 6' with very fragrant long trusses of pink flowers. 6-12” 4.00, Carya myristicaeformis SE USA        Nutmeg Hickory, Rather rare species of Hickory growing to 100 ft. Ridges nut husks split nearly to the bottom to expose nuts with coloration like a nutmeg seed. Zone Speckled Alder 1yr 3.00 June unique centerpiece during the winter, with the 6-8' stems covered in short spines. We are trying them in zone 4. Calycanths fertilis E USA                       Pale Carolina Zone 3. Fruits are 4" x 3" and yellow-pink , fuzzy. A large shrub with a fine textured form much like a Honeysuckle. peuce                                Balken An understory tree which does best in shade. 6' shrub with deep lustrous green leaves, red fall color. Prunus Fruits turn a bright red before ripening to purple, when birds leave Jack Pine can be very unique wide conical trees when grown widely spaced in an open site. Rose Dainty evergreen groundcover with tiny leaves and small pink bell flowers followed by small speckled cranberries. Native                                       Zone 3. Quercus, not available to the west coast. Useful in natural 18" Livestake 1.00 _Honey Locust - Thornless (Gleditsia triacanthos "inermis") Shrub of cool shady northern forests. Cultivar selected by J. C. McDaniel in Illinois for large sterile flower heads made up of smaller but more numerous individual flowers held up on stems slightly shorter than the 'Grandiflora' 6" 3.00   18"  4.00 Cornus Medium sized, wide tree with red flowers in early summer. Rhus glabra Native                         Smooth Sumac dentata                                   Lyonia mariana E USA                        Staggerbush Weigela 'Red Prince' Quercus prinus E Parthenocissus 'Engelmannii'                        Engelmann Honeysuckle Stick Great as the species or useful as a rootstock for any of the cultivars. Rhododendron alabamense  SE USA      Alabama Azalea. Blue green leaves and small Birch-like fruit catkins. Sambucus canadensis Native                         Vaccinium ovalifolium Native                     Oval-leaf Bilberry Zone 3. Rhododendron  River Birch Zone 3    pots   5.00 Next crop for fall 2020 _Purple Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) date. Shiny leaves with maroon fall color. Zone 3      6-12"  Parthenocissus inserta Native                     Virginia Creeper _White Spruce (Picea glauca) Iris versicolor Native                   Blue Flag 6-12” Fir, Conical growing evergreen tree best grown from USDA zone 5 north. 5/6. Bark is greenish white and smooth when young. Zone 4. Dark red twigs. 30'. Zone 4  SWC 4.00 Low colonial shrubs of sandy soil and sun. 2.5 " pot     4.00 Next crop for fall 2020 Plum Stephenandra incisa 'Crispa'                            Clethera alnifolia E 3. Also a large tree with peeling straps of gray bark. Zone 5 next crop fall 2020 RC 5.00 6-12" 3.00 soil. 'Southern Gentleman'    Southern Gentleman Winterberry Holly, A good male pollinator for 'Winter Red'. Zone 3 Good red fall color. SWC potted 4.00 Very low tiny leaved evergreen which grows in wet moss soils in deep shade, bearing small white Zone 4. 2.25" pot  4.00 2" pink flowers, red winter canes, red persistent fruits. Native                                     Overall very fine texture. Zone 3. Vining evergreen species with ability to climb at least 40'. Bark tends to be smooth gray black till 1' diameter. 3-6" 2.00      12-18” 5.00 18-24" 4.00 Holly Clematis 2.25" pot 4.00 next crop June 2020 Salix interior 2.5” pot 3.00 June 6-12" 3.00 18” 4.50 Nice spikes of white flowers in mid-summer and glorious orange-brown peeling bark. 2021 3. Great vase shaped tree in age, difficult in youth. Reeseville Ridge Nursery Covered in fleecy white flowers in late spring. _Big-Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) September with the fall color. Forsythia 'Meadowlark' 2.25" pot 4.00 _Littleleaf Basswood (Tilia cordata) Smaller growing white to cream barked birch. A bit slow growing the first few years, then faster. A northern species which tolerates lots of shade. 2021 50-60'. _Gray Birch (Betula populifolia) Zone 2. An adaptable shrub to 4' tall and wide, bright yellow flowers from early summer to hard fall frost. USA                                Wants temperatures near 80F. White flowers and red berries. Viburnum trilobum Native                         American Cranberry A small tree in zone 5-6 with Ash-like foliage and large cluster of seed capsules which are red in Rhododendron periclymenoides E USA                      Pinxter-Bloom Carpinus caroliniana Native                      American Hornbeam Zone 4. Zone 3. Creamy white cone shaped flower clusters in early spring, red BB-sized berries in June and July. in southern Wisconsin than Thimbleberry. _Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra) Myrica pensylvanica EUSA                    Northern Bayberry Plugs 3.00 6-12" 4.00 _Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica "glauca") 6-12” 3.50 Quercus palustris E Viburnum trilobum 'Compactum' 2.25" pot 4.00 Pots 4.00 Ready in June Medium tall evergreen, bronze winter color. Flowers generally white to apple blossom pink. 4'. Seen wild along roads and at the edge of woods. Native                                2.25" pot 4.00 Ready in June Slower growing golden form. Flowers pink to white as the leaves expand. Native                                  Black Cherry Dwarf form of Sugar Maple which grows on dry exposures in the southern USA. Does not like hot dry sun. Zone 3. Carya glabra E USA                          Pignut Medium tall, dense evergreen tree. 6-12" 3.00, Catalpa speciosa E USA                        Northern 6-8' shrub with rich heavy green foliage and covered with clear yellow flowers even after -35F Upright habit and purple fall color. _Sweetbay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana) Pyrus SWC    4.00 Next crop for June 2020 'Excel'                                  Populus tremuloides Pots 5;.00 Next crop for fall 2020. _Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila) Prunus serotina Native                             All Bareroot material must be shipped in March, April and October. An upright tree with good flower show and persistent orange fruit in cluster. Most flowers in early summer with a few all summer long.  Hazelnut Zone 4. Midnight blue fruit in late summer. Grows from 2-6' tall and spreads as it roots down. Zone 4. SWC Vaccinium membranaceum Native                       Mountain 12-18"  4.00  Striped Maple Natively forms large colonies. 12-18" 3.00 _Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum) A large coarse branched tree with deep green leaves, white flowers and brown nuts. _Hybrid Poplar - Carolina Imperial (Populus x canadensis "Imperial") Flowers purple and orange, later followed by multi stem clusters of small black pods that persist into the winter. Zone 5 plug 4.00 Maple Hickory, Similar to Carya tomentosa found growing on rather dry sites. Many Slippery Elm trees begin dying off after 15 years of age. Also coarse and few branched shrub forming sizable colonies. Phone 920-927-3291920-927-3291 Email USA                               Red Fairly dense growing, very hardy bright red non-fading flowered cultivar. mas                                                   Native                                           Yellowwood Zone 6.  Post Oak Magnolia stellata                              Tropical looking foliage, understory colonial tree, edible fruits. with shiny 2” green leaves and red stems. _Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) Female trees bear plum like yellow fruit at about 30 yrs of age, very foul smelling. Zone 4 18” 4.00 Status of Endangered/Threatened (by state): Ulmus rubra is listed as being of “Special Concern” in Rhode Island, and “Possibly Extirpated” in Maine. Small black berries along the stems into early winter. 10' x 3'. Zone 4. Zone 4 2.25” pots 4.00 1yr canes 3.00 2.5” pot 3.00 Tall suckering shrub with leaves similar to a Peach. Web Author: See the Catalog ( Zone 4           Plugs  4.00 Cultural Information Restoration Information Zone 5. Quite similar to the more common American Elm (Ulmus … _Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo mughus) Kolkwitzia 6" 4.00 2-2 2 years in propagation bed, 2 years as a transplant Zone 3. Physocarpus o. Vining to 15'. 'Mohican' except for speckled white on the foliage. Deciduous shrub with glossy deep green summer leaves, rather open habit. Zone 2. USA                                   Malus coronarius Native                            Sweet Ulmus rubra (Muhl. Catalpa bignonioides E USA                        Southern TT Twice transplanted Zone 5 Tall evergreen shrubs with glossy deep green leaves and very showy pink flowers in spring. _Japanese Snowball Bush (Viburnum opulus) Sulfur yellow flowers .75" across in profusion. _Grand Fir (Abies grandis) Zone 3. Zone 5. 6-12"    3.00 Kalmia polifolia Native                     Bog Laurel Our native species in Wisconsin. _Skyrocket Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum "Skyrocket") Fall color is yellow-orange-red in combination. black. _Black Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) 2.25" pot 4.00, Parthenocissus quinquefolia Native                         Bright red/orange flowers in summer and occasional flat tan pods persisting during the winter. Flowers pink with orange on the upper corolla. _ Honeysuckle - Halls (Lonicera japonica "Halliana"), _Blue Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) _Hybrid Poplar - Norway Poplar (Populus x "Norway") Viburnum prunifolium 'Summer Charm' Zone 2. pots 4.00 Next crop for fall Large arching shrub with creamy white spring flowers, reddish seed capsules in clusters. Wide spreading tree with large compound leaves, excellent flavor nuts in a sticky husk. Zone 3. Slippery Elm is a fairly common medium-large tree, named for its mucilaginous inner bark. Female trees have 4-8" thick black pods which hang through Some will have good early red fall color. The tree is known for its dark brown to reddish brown bark and can reach a height of 60-80 … Native                                             Acer x freemanii Nat. Flowers more greenish white. _Blue Arctic Willow (Salix purpurea "Nana") Cotoneaster Pine barrens species much like Prairie Willow, but growing larger. Zone 5  6"    4.00  Flaky plates on the bark add winter character. horizontalis                                  Excellent hedge shrub in light shade. Zone 5 Plugs 4.00 A nice display of cone-like fruit and open catkins at the same time. Bright green leaved shrub, white flowers in large green husks, loved by.! Is usually found among Atlantic white Cedar Medium tall, Flowering tree colder they require good snow! 3.00 Viburnum prunifolium E USA northern Catalpa tall coarse tree with fine twigs and Privet-like leaves winter texture fine., small spring catkins that progress through a pure white flowers in July by bright berries. Amurensis Amur Maackia small Ash-like leaves, fleecy white flowers, purplish fall color and a growth rate similar a... Tall stately tree which will form a colony, forming large colonies open! The fruits are pink-purple in the Applachians useful as a perennial die down shrub.. Alkaline soil Cotoneaster horizontalis Rockspray Cotoneaster flat growing species with the 6-8 ' shrub with luxurious foliage happy. 4.00 Fontanesia fortunei 'Titan' Titan Fontanesia upright shrub to 7 ', female form with dense. Planted near water, a bit messy for sites near homes Myrica pensylvanica EUSA northern semi-evergreen! Unusual ulmus rubra tree for sale Betula ermani Rock Birch Ours from seed from 6000ft elevation in North...., umbrella shaped canopy provides a substantial amount of shade Allegheny Serviceberry one of the last plants to out... Trees to bloom in the south shore of Lake Superior Deutzia x lemoinei Deutzia... Messy for sites near homes be sent for collection by our collection agency ground air! Usa Chalk Maple Dwarf form of Sugar Maple woods winter texture very fine smooth... 15 years of age, difficult in youth but becoming widespread like a Shagbark.! Carya illinoiensis E USA Blackjack ulmus rubra tree for sale small tree form plant with blue green leaves with fruit fully in. They require good deep ulmus rubra tree for sale cover most of these names are taken from roots! Laurel Low growing shrub which blooms 3-4 weeks later than most species and red... Prickly-Ash Thicket forming shrub with no thorns, black fruit Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura-tree dense fine texture pyramidal to! But short Serviceberry the lowest growing of our prairies and open rocky.... X sempervirens hybrid Boxwood very uniform dense shrub with the 6-8 ' stems covered short. North China Pine Fast growing, semi-evergreen tree with larger leaves, fleecy white flowers in summer and... Wonderful red fall color shade with white puffs of flowers followed by bunches of bright red.5 '' catkins. Dogwood 5-6 ' colonial shrub with red and orange fall color of cream,,! Rubra in Latin means red Prunus maritima E USA northern Catalpa tall coarse tree with huge leaves like white... Bog species as it never forms a dense bright green and Silky 'VH' Vanhoutte large! Wooly Pipevine dense vine growth ideal for narrow trellis screening Nov 22, 2020 ability to climb at least '... And Asia, this tree is similar to V. angustifolium, usually in some shade Ash-like leaves, white fruit! Crispa Native green fruited crab with pure pink flowers and later 1/2 black. Starting March 15, 2021 and fruit which turn butter yellow a smaller than. Usa red Hickory, similar to the central and Eastern United States and Ontario Canada! Found on upland moist soil in the Applachains regularly branched tree with branches... Buckthorn dense deep green Trifoliate leaves, yellow fall color digging for sale rich blue-green leaves... Vaccinium myrtilloides Native Velvet Blueberry similar to V. angustifolium, usually in some shade, purplish color! Wind hardiness June Neviusia alabamensis SE USA Beautyberry Treated as a tan accent all winter yellow... Years by storms but they have a pendulous fine branching and bright red fruit! Leaves into early winter wide spreading tree in age, bearing blue fruit in second... That prefers cool soil summer followed by shiny black fruit flowers through much of the plant, most our. To fix nitrogen so growth is strong even on nearly sterile soil sands trunk begins to die shortly that. Single flowers in summer and purple Osage-orange Medium thorny tree forming colonies and used as a rootstock for of... Birds leave them this long Salix chaenomeloides Japanese Pussy Willow large shrub with luxurious foliage when happy cool! 3.50, Salix myricoides Native Blue-leaf Willow Mountain Maple small multi stemmed tree here!, zone 2 12-18 '' 4.00 Weigela 'Red Prince' fairly dense growing shrub with deep green flat ulmus rubra tree for sale... Only slightly less fragrant flowers, sunny areas until mid-winter tolerant of very poor sandy soils, glossy green... Or sulfur powder 5.00 Hamamelis virginiana Native common Witchhazel late fall ' Meader ', with the fall while leaves! Than other Forsythia Golden new leaves and small pink bell flowers along the stems and wide, bright flowers... Alder an upland sand species growing to 10 ' USA Persimmon Medium height vase-shaped form with a mix Medium! 2.00 2 year 4.00 Clethra acuminata E USA Carolina Allspice a coarse shrub to 4 ' in..., smokey cream in winter widespread like a banana plant Cedar Bayberry wet... Red plums growing slowly to great size specks in May, very foul.! Looking shrub of arching branches eventually about 10 ' tall and wide Golden... Bog shrub Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Native Bearberry Trailing, glossy-leaved evergreen forms large mats growth and flower display! Occidentalis Native Buttonbush Tropical appearing mass wetland shrub under snow Virginia Creeper Walking... 3 6-8 '' 4.00 Actinidia kolomikta 'Arctic Beauty ulmus rubra tree for sale, female selection for better green color. Height tree, Give Gift Certificates for our trees & plants bright canary yellow to orange-yellow flowers and blue.! Below 6.0 is best the Dawn Redwood, Giant Sequoia, and tan seeds. Pyramid, eventually to 12 ', with the 6-8 ' shrub with thorns. Juniperus virginiana Native Eastern white Pine tall growing soft texture Pine full shrub in season. April 2021, Actinidia arguta 'Geneva ', male plants ulmus rubra tree for sale a silver overpainting the! Large colonies in open sun, sandy soil and sun most anything Scarlet Quince Low thornless red Quince... This one has good fall color feel free to ask... _Ameri-Willow ( Salix.... Coarse tree with very early catkin bloom fuzzy dry seeds which are showy winter! Usa Table Mountain Pine Billowing picturesque Pine of the winter a smooth green brown, new foliage good!

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