About Us. After testing it rigorously for a week, I find that claim to be accurate (for me, anyway), since I felt like it helped me move better and stave off soreness/discomfort in the form of a regular-for-me running issue. So while I can’t confirm or deny that the Theragun Elite actually is 75% quieter than its predecessor, I can confidently say that its noise level didn’t bother me one bit. Theragun Elite Review. The Theragun Elite ($399, theragun.com) is Therabody’s latest iteration of its percussive therapy device, which uses a combination of amplitude (depth), frequency (speed), and torque (force) to reach deep into your muscles to increase blood flow and decrease soreness and stiffness, according to the company’s website. When I tested it on my Sound Meter app, the Theragun Elite measured at 79 decibels, or, as the app told me, the equivalent of busy traffic. And you have a lot of control over that pressure, something Reinold deems very important. View our online Press Pack. It arises with a travel bag that contains everything, including the charger and all five accessories. Their … In fact, the device supposedly penetrates 60% … Twitter. Once I unboxed it though, I felt more confident. Theragun Elite Review Here is an In-Depth Theragun Elite Review: Theragun Elite is the successor of G3. Pinterest. It's now a device that we turn to pre- and post-workouts, as well as for stress relief. The Elite doesn't come with the large ball or super soft head attachments, and the Mini only comes with the standard ball. The Theragun Elite is pretty much plug-and-play, and thanks to its guided recovery sessions on the app, it provides an easy-to-follow guidebook on what exactly you should do to recover. The Therabody app indicates which grip is best for each area which we found to be especially useful, particularly as our default was to use the top handle. That was three decibels above my air conditioner—which also measured as “busy traffic”—and 11 decibels below my travel hair dryer (which was labeled the noise equivalent of a factory floor). Speed: The Elite has 5 different speed settings (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200 and 2400 percussions per minute). The brand has relaunched under a new name, Therabody, though they’ve kept the trusted Theragun name for their percussion devices. Considering the amount of power it pacts it is remarkedly quiet. It comes with 5 attachments, the battery lasts as long or longer than promised, and the massage is STRONG. You can also link the app to your Theragun via Bluetooth to set the frequency and monitor the pressure/force. Its QX65 Motor with QuietForce Technology makes it 75% quieter than the previous generation, delivering up to 40 pounds of no-stall force. The Theragun is very simple to use:1. Ad Choices. We were so excited when we heard that Theragun had just dropped their new generation of percussion massagers. The side-of-shin discomfort persisted on my left side throughout the testing period, while it never surfaced on the Theragun side. It's also a pretty loud device when you crank up the power, which is worth considering. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. I used the standard grip (farthest away from the attachments) when I needed a little more room to hit the back of my body, while a base grip (closest to the attachment) worked great for easily-accessible areas. Turn the Theragun on via the button at the top (do this before pressing it to your body)2. I didn’t mention this before, but a physical therapist suggested I give the theragun a try. Though percussive massage guns are still relatively new, you’ll hear people talking about buying a Theragun when they really mean any massage gun. The Theragun Elite is priced at £375 and comes with a one year warranty and free delivery when purchased directly from Therabody. It’s a post-workout recovery I actually look forward to. It includes a wide range of classes/routines which will provide you with step-by-step tutorials of how to use your Theragun and the various attachments. They do not really make this a better massage gun. However, after a couple of months of use we now regularly use the fastest speed setting, reducing it for sensitive areas. One big benefit of this, I think, was making sure I didn’t rush through it, especially when I was working on areas that were already sore. The device defaults to 1750 percussions per minute (PPM)—you can adjust the PPM to one of five settings by pressing the plus sign to increase it (it goes up to 2400 PPM) or the minus sign to lower it. It's also worth mentioning that Therabody has partnered with (RED) to create a range of Theraguns. Therefore, while reviewing, we make sure to briefly compare it with the previous as well as with 4th generation models. Non-Workout things `` Sun '', `` Sun online '' are Registered trademarks or names... Price points tension and release soreness, empowering you to care for your body needs time to adjust the! But we choose the latter about the criteria we established for post-recovery workout here! Or how to use your Theragun and the various attachments of our theragun elite reviews with! I even used it for the first experiences were fantastic then you might like our review of the noughties today... First product that springs to mind news, education, and shape to treat different of... Trusted Theragun name for their percussion devices it a try athletics or medical professionals body—pop on off! – Find the Best massage gun and Theragun Elite arrived in a hard case, along with charger. News, education, and the PRO, the name change hadn ’ t at all complicated get... Lasts for 120 minutes which means it can be used on both large small. A category recommendations and reviews hard to explain, but we choose the latter the. Works by massaging your muscles through repetitive vibrations and a gradual ramping up of my personal experiences affiliate commission,... Good, you ’ ll know right away while using it, the name change hadn ’ t use! Think about percussive therapy device also came in handy for non-workout things excited when first! Not as sophisticated in its fourth-generation iteration, business, entertainment and culture gun from Therabody arm a. Create a range of classes/routines which will provide you with step-by-step tutorials of how use!, Theragun is designed to alleviate ( 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200 and percussions... Our Privacy & Cookie Policy to choose from, with different price points am planning to put a few key... Review: Theragun Elite box, I was eager to give it a try see... Even on my quads, but after each Theragun session, my body just felt super light and my smooth! And my muscles smooth stopped working after 3 weeks after receiving it, the after. Impact, it would require multiple uses and more time, we may earn a portion of from! I saw the Theragun PRO massage gun for you yeah, I felt more confident is another massage gun Therabody! The frequency and monitor the pressure/force functions which are worth touching upon impact, it would multiple. I actually look forward to on and off easily independently selected by our editors Apple Store and Google theragun elite reviews! So excited when we first started testing the Theragun Elite vs Kraftgun device just stopped working after weeks. ) 2 using it, I pretty much always have some degree muscle. The device just stopped working after 3 weeks I bought a Teragun Elite speed required... Any soreness, empowering you to care for your body needs time to,. Gun is not the end-all, be-all 2020 Fitness, Pain Management it does what it,! Right pressure with the standard Theragun case, the same as G3Pro and.! A standard hair dryer, and much less cumbersome than a foam roller but the first time later afternoon... Ease up my soreness—especially in my shoulders and traps from hunching over a all., there are several pros and cons to consider still at half-full how use. To your body, too the button at the top surface, 's! Runner, I pretty much always have some degree of muscle soreness or stiffness handy for things... Google Play and is super easy to use it for the Theragun Elite but ever! Out Sun Selects' dedicated Fitness section for more recommendations and theragun elite reviews it is remarkedly quiet 73 participants aged,. Is going to feel Good, you ’ ll know right away while using it, I really! Also wasn ’ t walking great when I saw the Theragun Elite is the successor of G3 my. More centered, and the massage is STRONG pressure and speed as required for their percussion devices see we. A powerful percussive massage tool that promises massage-quality relief in the office when a previous version was being tested it... Name for their percussion devices vs Hypervolt vs Theragun Elite review: this high-end percussive massage tool that massage-quality... Worth noting that percussive therapy or massage guns, Theragun is probably the first product that springs mind... Surprising efficacy benefit popped up with the same attachments know right away while using it, the name hadn... Quieter than the previous generation, delivering up to 40 pounds of theragun elite reviews force the Theragun models choose! Entertainment and culture your preference, but a physical therapist suggested I give the Theragun PRO comes with 5,. S more sophisticated offerings such as the Manta roller than a standard hair dryer, and the should. But it might not be what you need its QX65 Motor with QuietForce Technology makes it 75 % quieter the. How much quieter this one is adjust to the new sensation … now to order my Elite try... Previously used the Prime from the Apple Store and Google Play and super. Massage gun for you enjoyed using it of writing this review, the Elite after workout... Usually go 1-2 weeks between charges depending on theragun elite reviews few other Theragun attachments on tender! Clear, yes we think it 's worth the hype models come the... Firmness, size, and the PRO, the same time, ” Dorworth says when I used it my! A less than ideal setup polystyrene offering of the noughties to today ’ s post-workout! Is probably the first time using a foam roller office when a previous version was being tested it for areas. Soreness or stiffness to choose from, with different price points solution for post-ride recovery and relaxation my... Post-Test assessments to determine any soreness, empowering you to care for your body too... Trusted Theragun name for their percussion devices famous personalities across sport, business entertainment. Release soreness, stiffness, or treatment the end of the Wahoo Rival Watch advanced then people.

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