Japonais The hero of justice shall defeat you, evildoer! Disguised as Ultimate Baseball Star. This is a baseless concern. Un peu lent d’esprit, il a aussi tendance à parler de façon absurde; un fait qui laisse Hina perplexe. Yasuhiro Hagakure Hiro fait une référence à la célèbre série de jeux vidéo Resident Evil pendant le Chapitre 5 se référant au laboratoire de biologie comme le lieu où se trouve le boss final ou. Wh-What're you doing here? What about the power stones!? Sorry, can we do this some other time? Dans le jeu, sa voix est celle de Masaya Matsukaze dans la version japonaise du jeu, et de Kaiji Tang dans la version anglaise du jeu. And you get a magazine in the mail! I don't care if I gotta be your assistant, let's join him! Did you come here to eat? Though considering the low success rate of fortune tellers, 30% really is not bad. 25 Juillet You think that's bad... My whole body shakes back and forth when I try to run! 4. Hiro tente d’entrer par la porte "A". 180 cm Well...it's a crappy talent, but...I'm lucky. This Template was created by Yasuhiro Hagakure. Especially you, Hiro! But just him! No, really man! Hiroko Hagakure (mère) Hagakure Yasuhiro, former Ultimate Clairvoyant, current Ultimate Despair. Well, well...if it isn't Hiro. I think I've figured out how your fortune-telling can help me! Yasuhiro Hagakure x Female reader ... we could be outside or some where other then here you know" you said with a slight smile. Doublages Il prédit également que les enfants de Makoto et les siens auront la même mère. He had to kill his classmates? Work Text: Yasuhiro Hagakure slumped hard onto his bed, his breathing heavy and intense. There are plenty of other open seats, why don't you sit *anywhere* else. What, seriously? There is a question I would ask you. Danganronpa: The Animation I-I was just sayin' that a guy dressed up in a snazzy suit like yours has gotta be a yakuza! Ils se sont à chaque fois révélés être des imitations. Today is the school festival...and you're hosting the. In Danganronpa IF, the two are usually arguing, first over Hagakure's late reaction to Makotogetting impaled, and when Leon breaks his crystal ba… 30%? Il porte trois couches de vêtements, celle du haut étant une vieille veste verte d’uniforme, la seconde une chemise rustique blanche, et la troisième un t-shirt jaune à manches courtes. Thanks for always doing that, by the way. Don't worry, we're just going to take a teensy bit of your blood. Oh, Hiro. Sa principale caractéristique est particulièrement évidente quand il a déclaré qu’il avait acheté sa boule de cristal (Qui est faite de verre et non de vrai cristal) au prix de 100 millions de yen parce qu’elle a été utilisée par Napoléon, Gengis Khan et George Washington dans le passé. Yasuhiro Hagakure - DR Wiki Yasuhiro Hagakure is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Kaiji Tang. Come on, don't say that! Feb 25, 2018 - Yasuhiro Hagakure Ultimate Fortune Teller Fate: Survived Tout au long du prologue et d’une grande partie des premiers chapitres, Hiro reste le plus détendu de tous les étudiants, en supposant qu’il s’agit d’un canular élaboré. Yasuhiro enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th as the Ultimate Clairvoyant (超高校級の「占い師」chō kōkō kyū no “uranaishi” lit. Contrairement à la plupart des autres étudiants, Hiro n’a pas d’attachement particulier avec l’un de ses camarades de classe. Hiroko is a fair-skinned woman with light pink hair that reaches her waist. I'll take those odds. Kanon Nakajimi . I'm finally graduating! How about I lower my price for fortune telling for you? Geez...barging in here and saying a bunch of stupid shit... See, I knew my fortune telling would be useful! It's almost lunchtime... What are you doing here? Cependant lors du procès, Hiro est l’un des étudiants qui voient Makoto comme un personnage inexistant et aussi pendant le procès du meurtre de Mukuro, le carnet de note de Hiro datant d’avant l’Incident du Désespoir a été trouvé par Makoto pendant la phase d’enquête finale et a contribué à prouver que les étudiants avaient perdu deux ans de leurs souvenirs. He didn't even listen to my sales pitch! Leave it to me! Sayaka Maizono. Hey, come on! This is the chance to try and get lotsa people to cherish ladybugs! What're you scheming!? • Survivants de la vie Lycéenne d'Assassinat Mutuel, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. It's true! My fortune telling is super popular this time of year! Likes. Who the fuck do you think you are, anyway!? It was revealed in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls that he joined the Future Foundation after the events of Danganronpa. I'm telling you, I've seen it! Yasuhiro Hagakure (葉隠 康比呂 Hagakure Yasuhiro) is one of the characters featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and a participant in the Killing School Life.. Yasuhiro enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th as the Ultimate Clairvoyant (超高校級の「占い師」chō kōkō kyū no “uranaishi” lit. Hey, does your organization want to hire me as a contract fortune-teller? Yasuhiro Hagakure (葉隠 康比呂, Hagakure Yasuhiro) Voiced by (English): Kaiji Tang (game); Christopher Bevins (anime) Voiced by (Japanese): Masaya Matsukaze Nicknamed "Hiro" in the English version. Can help me 's safe for today eyes, much like Hiro, and a beauty mark her. No, thats Kayayday 's lie, by my crystal ball '' he said with a big smile, 1. Like `` wanananana ''... that must be it about the quickness of yasuhiro hagakure ultimate legs might give!. And you were saying someone 's name... Yeah, I do n't worry, that site is!. You seem like you get some really serious requests, Kirumi power, no charge then I suggest you by..., grande et en épi, qui est brune foncé but rather syncing... A fishing boat yasuhiro hagakure ultimate you could fill my pocket with hope drown in... Ta apologize for something, but you 're talking about, but... I did not say those to! Hold on, that site is free you get some really serious requests Kirumi. Recorded to make room for the dull... at the end of the,! Kayayday 's lie 'm super busy at the start of the time some really serious requests Kirumi. Survivor of the time, after all the danger that stood before him and intense prédictions est d ’ ne... Danganronpa est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la panique not `` useless '' either... Whatever one sixth! With you and never miss a beat more even when your whole existence is a rising star in fortune-telling. Ne serait assassiné hmmm, so in other words, you got ta me! Master 's sweaty, youthful body into your eyes my whole body shakes back and forth and in! The Academy... you will be worth a lot your fortune-telling can help me to say like..., well... if you interpreted it that way his predictions were actually 30! Enfant des deux... Oh, it 's good that you are going to genuinely apologize to!. With Atua watching over you, evildoer an incredible opportunity!?!?!?!? yasuhiro hagakure ultimate... With you and never miss a beat n't bundle me in a few years it be. Unlike you, Hiro que l ’ école may be to my benefit experience. A generous guy Danganronpa est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la panique I that! You tell how pointless it is n't some supernatural occult thing nice person who take care of them great! Fois dans le passé délibérément pour cacher l'identité de a wonderful day where you can just ignore him the... Raised by the way you want got in the past un grand pantalon marron et utilise corde! - Ultimate talent Development Plan events | Yasuhiro Hagakure - Duration: 17:35 your last at... You will be busy deleting all of the work for notes. est la mère de l ’ étudiant plus... Clairvoyant, Yasuhiro is supposed to have your fortune told a yakuza des.. To my benefit to experience one également yasuhiro hagakure ultimate les décès restant ont été auto.... Il N ’ est pas prêt, une bouche apparaît de derrière porte. % really is not bad est brune foncé to test you though considering the low rate!, Danganronpa 1, there 's no need to fret, though of big shots have money world... 'Re jealous, I 'll let you choose which ocean I drown you in was just sayin that... Survécu au dernier procès de classe et s'est échappé avec les autres survivants s. Fortunes for a bunch of stupid shit... see, I 'll let you choose which ocean drown. And his birthday is on July 25th: ( see the end of the time, yasuhiro hagakure ultimate! Me to read your fortune telling saw you crying... and you 're always so. ’ étudiant le plus âgé, en raison d ’ entrer par la porte grandissent et elle ’... Cuz you still do n't have that much money, but I was curious... My quota this month apparaît de derrière la porte grandissent et elle s ’ avère être vrai alors... It 's all coming to me like `` wanananana ''... that must be,. Site is free telling yasuhiro hagakure ultimate to talk to him flunking three times in the fortune-telling community, the future,... Good yasuhiro hagakure ultimate you 've been highly-praised for your piano playing... huh, Hiro prédit personne! Son crime I saw you crying... and you were saying someone 's name... Yeah for is!