My buddy has a BF 750 that is practically brand new and he started it up the other day and it's been backfiring like crazy . Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 6, 2011. Jump to Latest Follow ... but died. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou. About 10 miles later the engine started to loose power when under load, climing hills, backfiring and … 2012 brute 750 backfiring through intake and no power. Still missing!! I was a bit concerned then John mentioned if the Backfiring of his Polaris 850 was scaring me, I just laughed-then I recalled the only two times I thought my Brute was backfiring is when I was following the 850. This is spelled out in the service manual which you can google search for a free brute force 750 service manual pdf. SOURCE: kawasaki brute force 750. try to drain carb water probably got in through air box and carb vent hose drain and flush carb replace spark plug spray contact cleaner in carb throat through air box . ... A forum community dedicated to Kawasaki Brute Force ATV owners and enthusiasts. I just took the carbs off and cleaned the jets, new plugs and cleaned the filter. 2005 brute 750 bad backfire. I bought this 2006 750 it had a backfire problem when I bought it so I cleaned the carbs now this is what it does Twice now out with my 09BF750, I noticed a very loud backfire, none of my other Kawie VTwins ever backfired. It will start and idle fine, but when you give it gas it begins to miss and backfire through the carbs and tail pipe. after backfiring through the rear intake and exhaust, it shut off. 06 brute force 750 stumble and backfire. What would cause an 05 ( Maybe 06) Brute Force 750 to just suddenly start backfiring ?? The Brute Force 750 is a marvel in the hilliest and dangerous terrains out there. Riding on the weekend and the belt light came on, no problem just the 100 hour service indicator. I stop the engine, disconnected the DynaTec CDI and reconnect it again. and would only run with the thumb on the throttle but still back firing, mostly through … Backfire thru exhaust Feb 24, 2011 Low RPM Backfire Through Carb May 24, 2010 four wheeler keeps backfiring May 9, 2010 06 brute force 750 poping and backfire Feb 18, 2010 More results from 7 Posts . I have a 2008 brute force 750, fuel injected, with about 120 hours on it. I have a 2005 BF 750 that sat for a little while and the gas went bad. In the Moment i pushed the throttle i had also backfire in the carb and in the exhaust - a lot of backfire !!! The slipping seems at first like water, or other liquids might’ve gotten into the belt and cause the slipping. Posted on Dec 19, 2008 He just relecently added a K&N filter and did not rejet , but he rode the quad for a few days after the filter change and had not had a problem . With such a go-everywhere kind of quad, one is bound to get mud and dust in the quad’s inner connections.