i can't use any funtiions that are on the tv itself..i have to use the original remote to turn on /off the tv. You can remove the parental lock from your LG TV so that you can watch the blocked channels. TV does not restart. How do i remove pin lock of my phx tv permanently: want help for opening key lock on uptron led: Hi my tv ATC they have key lock no remote control only in the tv button: Hi i have Fujicom TV FJ-40a and i wass messing with the settings and i enabled Key lock and i dont have remote control so i un: Viewsonic Pro 8200 Projector V position locked it only shows 'no signal' even if it has antenna connceted when im trying to click other buttons except power it says 'key lock'. i have had this insignia tv for a year and the other night i managed to lock the tv out completely. Press the "Home" button on your remote control to access your LG TVs "Home" menu. there is a blue screen with a red lock in the top left corner of the tv. Is there any way, *without the remote*, to disable the "Key Lock" feature on a LG 20CP52A TV? I would assume that there is a way to reset the TV, but there’s no standard way. Wait several hours before reconnecting the plug and reattaching the battery. hi.. i am having a problem with my led tv, all i can do is turn it off/on. Now, I can't hit the front panel"power" button manually, and so it stays in a standby mode when plugged in. Push the down arrow button to highlight "Setup" and then press the "Enter" button, which is located in the middle of the arrow buttons. Question How do I remove Key Lock: Question Amazon Fire TV Stick - Can I REMOVE Prime Content? I've left it unplugged for a few moments but this didn't help :/ Thanks. If the lock is still on, unplug the television and remove the battery from the back panel of the television. i can't find the user guide, and have no idea how to unlock the tv. If the manual or resetting option does not work for your television, you need a universal remote. To disable the key lock, with the TV turned off - press the Power, INPUT, CH (+ or -) button on the TV or POWER, INPUT CH (+ or -) or NUMBER buttons on the remote control. I was removing my led's upper sheet after this screen is not coming I he purchased before 3 days back: How to Remove Netflix Originals on Google Chrome Using ‘No Netflix Originals’ How to Remove an App from your Amazon Fire Stick It will probably involve a combination of buttons and possibly plugging and unplugging the TV. It's for someone that misplaced the remote control. i also lost my remote so i cant do anything with my tv.. could you help me with this? Since I don't have the remote, I can't access the Menu to disable the child lock. I ordered a replacement remote and also tried a universal remote, but no use. I used the remote, pressed the power button on the remote and the center button that is labelled 'ok' at the same time. TV is turned off. I wonder if these remotes need the TV to be "on" and not on standby to work. The OK button is in the center of a four direction circular button with arrows to select up, down, right or left.....for moving thru menus. Purchase a universal remote. The child lock stops the button in the first of the TV from in service.