324. The five-spotted hawkmoth (Figure 4) can be distinguished from the Carolina sphinx moth (the adult form of the tobacco hornworm) (Figure 5) by counting the pairs of yellowish-orange markings on the grayish abdomen: the five-spotted hawkmoth has five and the Carolina sphinx moth typically has six. Pink-striped Oakworm Moth. 326. The Five-spotted Hawk Moth is the adult of the tomato hornworm. X. Hornworm/Sphinx Moth Scientific name: TOBACCO HORNWORM Manduca sexta ... fast-flying Sphinx moths. Eumorpha labruscae. Pachylia ficus. X. Carolina Sphinx 2. X. Colorado Insect of Interest Achemon Sphinx Scientific Name: Eumorpha achemon (Drury) Order: Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Moths, Skippers) Family: Sphingidae (Sphinx moths/Hawk moths, Hornworms) Description and Distinctive Features: The achemon sphinx is a large, heavy-bodied moth with a wing span of about 3.5 inches. Scientific name i: Agrius cingulata: Taxonomy navigation › Agrius. 325. Vine Sphinx 2. Normally, the scientific name would clarify the identity of a species, but in yesterday’s post, the scientific name given was that of another moth with the same common name. Kingdom - Animals ... Eumorpha achemon Information on this Species is incomplete... Big Poplar Sphinx Moth Pachysphinx modesta. Pink-spotted Hawkmoth 1. Sphinx Moths. Agrius cingulata. 232. Virginia Ctenucha Moth. Cautethia grotei. Fig Sphinx Moth 3. Modest Sphinx Common & Scientific Name Correction. ... Erinnyis guttularis 2. is a migratory wainscot moth.It is medium-sized for a moth, large for a wainscot moth. X. 231. Ptichodis immunis 4. Alphabetical by scientific name; Grid Card. Recent Additions : Armyworm moth : Armyworm moth (Mythimna unipuncta), also called true armyworm and the white speck. Manduca sexta. ... Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth. Both of these moths are sometimes called hummingbird moths because with their five inch wingspan and gray colored stout body they can be mistaken for a hummingbird . Home: 41 species: View: Pink-spotted Hawk Moth: Agrius cingulata: View: Carolina Sphinx: Manduca sexta: View: Five-spotted Hawk Moth: Manduca quinquemaculatus: View Other Names: Modest Sphinx . X. Virginian Tiger Moth. GCP Moth List ‐ Updated 30 May 2020 Year Observed* Scientific Name Common Name Family Name 2018 Platynota idaeusalis Tufted Apple Bud Moth Tortricid Moths (Tortricidae) 2019 Smerinthus jamaicensis Twin‐spotted Sphinx Sphinx Moths (Sphingidae) 2018 Leucania inermis Unarmed Wainscot Owlet Moths (Erebidae & Noctuidae) 2019 Spilosoma virginica Virginian Tiger Moth Tiger Moths … Pink-spotted Hawkmoth. The geometer moths are moths belonging to the family Geometridae of the insect order Lepidoptera, the moths and butterflies. Terminal (leaf) node. Grote's Sphinx 2. The elephant hawk moth (Deilephila elpenor) gets its common name for the caterpillar's resemblance to an elephant's trunk.Hawk moths are also known as sphinx moths because the caterpillar resembles the Great Sphinx of Giza when resting, with legs held off the surface and head bowed as if in prayer. Home - Other Field Guides. 230. Poplar Hawk-moth and Big Poplar Sphinx are both common names used for more than one species of moth. Isognathus rimosa 4. It occurs in Europe, northern Africa, Iceland, North America, Central America, and … Melipotis famelica 4. X. Gaudy Sphinx 2. Pink-spotted Dart.