*Though to be fair, one of these “industry leaders” (who shall remain nameless) did blatantly and, in my estimation embarassingly, copy a manufacturer (who shall also remain nameless) that made its name copying other manufacturers by producing a revolver that chambers shotshells. Intially I wasn’t the biggest fan of their aesthetics and preferred the old rubber-with-rosewood-insert models. About the rear sight pin, working its’ way out is par for the course. The triggers on the MCs we have dry fired have been very nice, though not as nice as our well used, pre-lock S&W 64 4″. It had come out to an shocking extent (roughly 1/8″) by the time I noticed it. I know we’re late to the party – there are tons of reviews covering the GP100 Match Champion that already have a little dust on them. If you get a chance to check one out (any .357 Redhawk), I would love to read what you think. If you shoot a lot, eventually it will loosen, repeat as necessary. Nice article. Ah, the Smith & Wesson Match Champion . The peg hits the bottom of the grip while it’s still a good half inch short of the tang. It’s no secret that I am a (pre-lock) Smith & Wesson guy, through-and-through. In this video I show you how to change the hammer spring and the trigger reset spring on the Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum revolver. Will not fit .22LR models. I swear that every fifth trigger pull was twice as hard as the others. The single-action pull never got great, but here’s the thing: I’m being really, really snobby about it. Before heading to the range I dug around in the ammo bunker and pulled out an assortment of .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammunition. Not so with the Ruger, or at least it doesn’t scream “cheapness.” This gun is stainless steel and proud of it. First, the angle: it is very vertical and straight in comparison to most revolvers. That eliminated the problem, so no harm, no foul. Realistically speaking this is an extremely slight amount of superfluous travel and I rarely use the single-action function on my revolvers (including this one), reserving it only for long shots of let’s say, 50 yards and greater. You can’t really shorten the grip without interfering with the screw setup. Rounded cylinder. Since the strut is a stamped piece (or at least, it appears that way to me) it has some rough spots along its length. Novak sights. True To The Core™ Lee, we got a chance to see the Ruger Customer Service operation in action as they handled the MkIV recall and it looked like they were doing good work. After getting a few intial photographs, I pulled out the chunky gun and began getting familiar with it. The 158 grain .357 is THE BOMB to blast off at the range. This time instead of my 686 I packed the GP100 in a DeSantis Speed Scabbard, a couple S.L. As you said lots of dry firing helps. This takes some practice and hand strength. I shot it at distances from contact to fifty yards. "Ruger Gp100 Match Champion" For Sale. Before I get to how the Match Champion performed on the range, let me say a few words about training with a … Our price $9.95 Our Price: $ 9.95 ISMI Hammer and Trigger Rebound Spring Kit Ruger GP100, SP101, Super Redhawk. They’ve been sending suggestions to the new CEO to improve QC. It has some innovative and clever design features. Shop for Best Price Ruger Gp100 Match Champion Spring Kit And Spring Spring Kit .Compare Price and Options of Ruger Gp100 Match Champion Spring Kit And Spring Spring Kit from variety stores in usa. For years I have exercised my hands with a product designed specifically for strengthening the grip and trigger finger. One of the first things I am interested in with a new gun is the trigger, and this trigger was initially pretty atrocious. In reviewing this gun I’ll probably contradict some of those other reviews out there. Thanks for this review; I’ve been hoping you’d have a look at this gun. I’d lose the smoother trigger and the cylinder chamfering, and with some snap caps and a lot of practice, that trigger will smooth out nicely. No alterations are required. To conclude this article, I won’t mince words: the GP100 Match Champion is one of the best current production revolvers money can buy. Type Ruger hammer shims and you will get the webpage, Early morning proof reading failure. ... so well with the heavy pull in double action, but I just need more practice. . Because of the versatility of this handgun, it may be used for competition, home-defense, carry on the street or afield, as a hunting or competition piece, or all-of-the-above, by the same person. After my first range session I reached the conclusion that these grips are excellent! Get Combat Ready with M*CARBO Performance! Privacy Policy The Match Champion had me excited as soon as it was announced. Throwing the gun up the front sight is below the rear notch. I polished up the internals of my GP100 and installed a wolf spring kit, williams hi-Vis sight set and some cocobolo grips, can't imagine the match champion having much over it. I love it, & it has been 100% reliable with the “Wolfe Spring Kit & Shim Kit” installed for several hundred Winchester .357 rounds & a few hundred reloaded .38 Spl.+P rounds ! On that score you can consider this a connoiseur’s review. Start slowly and concentrate on keeping the dime from falling. /* ]]> */ Out of the box the gun printed about 4″ high at 10 yards. Called Prohands these handy exercisers can be used anywhere and are available in different strengths – highly recommended. var wpcf7 = {"apiSettings":{"root":"http:\/\/www.downrange.tv\/blog\/wp-json\/contact-form-7\/v1","namespace":"contact-form-7\/v1"},"cached":"1"}; in the Model 60 triggers I looked at. On the bright side, they pretty much agree that the customer service is the best. You can buy trigger and hammer shims on the web that prevent the hammer/trigger from rubbing as you picture shows. Still, the chambers feel a bit rougher internally than I am used to. I remember the problem with the .22 autos. Buddy, thanks for such an honest and thorough look at this revolver. To address the second question, I did rely (albeit only partially) on the GP100 of some portion of the time I possessed it. Adding to my comments about Grant Getting the gun printing on target was quick and painless. I have trained with that latch system so much that initially I missed it a little. The grips on the GP100 Match Champion are very visually distinctive. The problem is that Hogue uses a stirrup that attaches to the grip frame and a screw goes in through the bottom of the grip. This might not seem like it would make much of a difference, but it does, and I wish all revolvers came from the factory with this finishing touch. The other load, by Hornady, is even hotter and sends a 125 gr. Cunningham, he did advise replacement The trigger is easily manageable but if you want to lighten it up a bit you can find replacement spring kits for the GP100 in the Brownells catalog. On the first one, while shooting one day, the cylinder wouldn’t swing out. Sometimes it needed to be pounded back in, and sometimes it didn’t, but it never ceased to nag at me; a revolver isn’t much good if the rear sight falls off. I’d get the pin out I used a regular GP100 in IDPA, then switched to the first generation of Match Champion guns with fixed sights, then when they dropped the adjustable sight models I bought one of those in .357. Note: factory trigger return spring is 12 pounds. Before I talk about what I did do with the GP100 Match Champion, I’ll tell you want I didn’t do. Haha! I’ve been working with the MC since I bought it, and have changed out the original springs for the mid-range Wolff springs. I own the 6" GP100 and have handled the match champion. I didn’t clean it once in the time I had it, save adding a couple of drops of oil here and there, and immediately before sending it back to the good people at Ruger. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAbiKocoSQo. This protects the end of the barrel from nicks and dents that can have an adverse effect on accuracy. The “standard” GP has a trench milled into the topstrap, and the Wiley Clapp models with Novak sights are dovetailed in. Ruger GP100 1773 $849.99. On this exemplar there was a very small, slightly distracting amount of creep before hitting the “wall” of the SA trigger. One problem I have with my MC, is that the hammer pivot pin will work itself out when being fired. The Ruger latch is a friendlier design in that respect. Since this is basically a guide rod for the spring, you don’t have to worry about affecting mating surfaces or engagement angles; as long as the strut is smooth, there is not an issue if you remove a little more material than intended (it still doesn’t take much, so don’t get carried away), and I was amazed how much the double action pull smoothed out. Thank for the review. Ruger GP-100 wolf spring kit. Not only did the GP trigger smooth out during my time with it, there is also a lot a gunsmith can do with a Ruger trigger. The muzzle is recessed into what’s called a target crown. Personally, the only problem I’ve had on a new Ruger was the SP101 Spurless DAO I bought recently. I’m not kidding when I say that a GP100 will be my next full-sized revolver. Ruger GP100 1757 $743.47. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger ® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws.. This is my Ruger GP100 MATCH CHAMPION™. A sturdy, accurate and reliable shooter, it comes straight from the factory ready to defend, punch holes in paper targets or hunt. that the method of pinning the sight and the adjustment If you look at it directly, you notice that the flutes are curved, making them look ovoid and frankly, a bit odd. Ruger GP100 Match Champion 10mm (40) accuracy? Of course I like this gun. to lose zero after firing. Grips are personal preference items. I like the aesthetics of the wood. If not for the subtle contouring of these wooden stocks you could almost close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a 1911. If it were my gun, I would definitely be contacting customer service. After Mike and I visited the Ruger factory in Prescott, we were generously offered access to T&E samples of Ruger revolvers – an offer we wasted no time taking them up on. You can get it with old-school fixed sights (a rear trench), adjustable sights, or drift-adjustable Novak sights. Target crown. This was before I handled the gun significantly. Wolff REDUCED TRIGGER PULL SPRING KIT for Ruger GP-100 GP100 Match Champ W17110 | Sporting Goods, Hunting, Gun Parts | eBay! That said I have absolutely no problem carrying it concealed. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ve doubtlessly noticed that with the exception of Steve Tracy’s recent article, I haven’t given Ruger much love. !! Ruger GP100 Match Champion $747.69. The high-visibility branding marks are touches I can live with, but could also live without. The Wilson kit comes with mainsprings of eight, 10 and 12 pounds. I also began to notice some visible wear on both the trigger and hammer as exhibited in the photo below. I don’t have a Match Champion, but I have 5 GP100s’ (the first in 1987) which should tell you how I feel about them, so I’ll stick in a few comments. I’ve read that a drop of blue Loc-tite on the outside ends of the rear sight pin will keep it from moving while not interfering with the functioning of the sight adjustment. I do prefer to keep the single-action capability on revolvers that might be carried in the woods or desert for these longer shots, but I doubt this bit of trigger creep would make a huge difference one way or the other in those environs. If I were holding on to this gun I would definitely consider installing one of those kits. www.brownells.com var sharing_js_options = {"lang":"en","counts":"1","is_stats_active":"1"}; M*CARBO - Military Carbine Brotherhood! I loaded alternate IPSC and Speer 135 gr. This was no issue at all with the excellent adjustable rear sight. I will say that the gun exceeded my acceptable standard of accuracy (and you can ask Mike, I am pretty demanding in that regard) but it didn’t knock my socks off. (A major reason for my not buying one: large carpenter’s hands.) Not so with the Ruger GP 100, as anyone can learn to disassemble the revolver in minutes. /* */ After a long, cold/wet winter, yesterday I took my GP 100 to the range. It works well enough that so far I haven’t resorted to Loc-tite for the sight pin, although that may come yet. © 2007-2018 Down Range TV Not purposefully, mind you – I’m just going to call this one like I see it. I enjyed your review of the Match Champion! As I am no small person, I have no problem with the size of the revolver, & every confidence it will perform admirably if called upon for that purpose !! Greyson, I was unable to measure the weight of the smooth double action trigger pull as my gauges only measure up to 12 pounds, but I’m guessing it goes about 14 pounds. Ruger sells a Cabelas-only special GP100 with the MC’s high-viz sights and the old-style rosewood-and-rubber grips. What to do? I have considered going the other direction (putting GP100 grips on an SP101), but even then I concluded it would be easier to just make my own grip from scratch. I’ll concur with the Locktite droplets. /*
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